Tales of Arise – Beyond The Dawn DLC
Launch Trailer

Client: Bandai Namco
Agency: Maverick Media
Post Production: Maverick Media
Role: Editor
Privileged to collaborate with Bandai Namco on the launch of the latest DLC for the acclaimed JRPG, Tales of Arise. Engaging closely with the creative team and capture artists, we infused a touch of unsettling allure into the project, resulting in a truly enjoyable experience. The outcome is a captivating and subtly eerie trailer designed to captivate and intrigue the audience.
Tales of Arise – Gamescom 2021
For the launch of the original game in 2021, we made a host of content for them as well, including this background animation to be shown live at Gamescom in 2021. Famous violinist Lindsey Stirling performed a track from the song live on stage while we were tasked with making the animated stage for her to play in front of. This was a really interesting challenge as the specs for the screen were complicated as it’s split over 4 massive screens including the floor so we decided to get some widescreen capture of the game and then animate the floor ourselves.

Here’s a film of the demo we worked on and then the final piece we delivered.